Get Inspired

I've noticed a lot of photographers posting these awesome videos to inspire their clients for their boudoir sessions.  Why be inspired by these films only to do a photo shoot?  Why not star in your own Victoria Secret or Esquire styled video?  What if you could do both photography and film?  What if you could have your hair and make-up styled like a supermodel?  With Beautiful Boudoir you can have all of that!  Be inspired by these films below and we can discuss and create the perfect combo for you!

Each of these films is a little different in tone, but each is inspiring.  Super sexy.  Fun.  Humorous.  Little elements of each.

As I find more inspirational films, I'll add them here.  You can also watch the blog for clips from our films and photos when our brave girls allow us permission to post.

I feel that I should add a disclaimer here, especially with regard to the YouTube clips.  The video I intend to inspire you with is the only the one I have embedded, not any others that pop up as suggestions afterward.  View those at your own discretion.

Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Bride Commercial

Coco Chanel Ad

Lane Bryant Ad "Not What Mom Would Wear"

Charlize Theron's J'Adore Commercial

Kate Beckinsale's Esquire Shoot

Scarlett Johansson - Dolce and Gabbana Rose - The One Ad

Tallulah Riley's Esquire Shoot

Gemma Arerton's GQ Shoot

Olga Kurylenko's Esquire Shoot

Mila Kunnis' Esquire Shoot

Brooklyn Decker's GQ Shoot

Daisy Lowe's Esquire Shoot

Victoria's Secret Commercial

Victoria's Secret Swim