About Beautiful Boudoir

Beautiful Boudoir is a sister venture of  Beautiful Memories Modern Wedding Cinematography.
Though Beautiful Memories' wedding films are a husband and wife collaboration, Beautiful Boudoir sessions will be a collaborative effort by only women.

When we began Beautiful Memories, we made a conscious decision to dedicate our time to only weddings because we enjoy telling the love story behind each wedding.  Filming weddings gives us the opportunity to creatively capture a moment of sheer joy, celebration and beauty in one day.  Over the years, our wedding films have grown creatively and the demand for our films has gone up dramatically.  I've been looking for other ways to stretch artistically while still keeping the business small, manageable and local.

Then I had an epiphany.  With boudoir photo sessions being so in demand, I wanted to start to offer something that no one else in the area is offering, Boudoir Films.  Yes, Boudoir films. Why not?  Let's think about this from a man's perspective for one moment.  Guys are very visual creatures.  Beautiful photographs of you will be great, but wouldn't a film be better?  Yes, especially if it's filmed in an artistic way in a controlled setting with beautiful lighting and a staff to pamper you.

Beautiful Boudoir films are short, intimate films that will showcase what makes you beautiful and will have you feeling like a supermodel, no matter your age or flaws (even those pesky 5 to 10 pounds we've all been meaning loose).  How will we do that?  A great cinematographer, photographer, make-up artist and hair stylist have the skills to make you look totally amazing no matter what you think your biggest flaws are.  Our intended purpose is to make you look and feel incredible, so we will take the time to make sure we don't disappoint.  Boudoir sessions are, and should be, a confidence boosters.  Ask anyone who has done a session.  You'll be surprised at how incredible you will look.  

So, how does it work?  We begin by collaborate on an idea to create the perfect film for you (and your significant other) and then gather the team to get it done.  Don't worry.  We're not talking "bam, chi-ka, bam, bam" here.  The intended direction for these films is less is more; showing just enough to be sexy, to entice and to be playful without being in your face with the whole enchilada.  It's like a truly great horror movie (I know, weird comparison, right, but wait for it).  You're always more scared by what you can't see than by what is right in front of you.  Think Jaws and psycho.  Get where I'm going?  If we apply this theory to boudoir films, we just want to engage the imagination, not recreate The Last Tango in Paris or Caligula.

But what if you're shy?  Where we go with each film is totally up to you.  We go only as far as you feel comfortable going.  We want to create an environment where you feel comfortable, confident and relaxed because if you're nervous, it will show in your film and we don't want that.  The preparations we do ahead of time should make you feel more comfortable because you know the plan already. No surprises.  Whether you want to try a cute pin-up inspired film featuring you whipping up some sweets in the kitchen wearing a vintage dress, stockings and garter or a super sexy boudoir film in a beautiful bedroom with you wearing your sassiest and most revealing lingerie, this will be a film that will not only be appreciated by your sweetheart, but serve as a time capsule of the hottie that you are now.  And you know what?  It will be fun too!

Ready to be inspired?  I have a few clips on my Get Inspired page to get you thinking about the type of film you want to do.