I'm Curious, but a Little Nervous

Are you curious or intrigued, but just a little nervous to try a boudoir session?  LOTS OF PEOPLE are getting their sexy on in front of the cameras and EVERYONE gets nervous or self conscious about it.  Yes, even beautiful Hollywood stars do.

Check out this video from Allure Magazine where five Hollywood actresses tell the naked truth about their sexy photo shoot.

We take a similar approach with our sessions.  We want the real you to shine through in your film and photographs to give you a real look at how beautiful you are.  As women, we often get so caught up in the dislikes we have about our bodies that we really need some reminders that go beyond those things we view as flaws.  When you see yourself through the eyes of a professional cinematographer and photographer, you will see a you that you may not have known existed or that you thought was long gone or forgotten.  What better way to capture and rejuvenate that sexy diva hidden within than with a steamy set of photos and a sexy little film? 

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