What to Wear

Your boudoir session can be whatever you want it to be and what dictates the look and feel of the shoot is what you're wearing.  A super cute outfit that reveals little can be just as hot (or hotter) than putting it all out there.  Ideally, we want to shoot a film that will entice, not give it all away.

So where do you look for inspiration for your boudoir wardrobe?  Lots of places.  First, think about what you want to accomplish with your film.  Who is it for?  Is it for your boyfriend, fiance, husband?  What does he like to see you in?  Is it for you?  What do you feel most confident and sexy in?  Do you want to create a fantasy? Are you going to play a role or be yourself?  Maybe a little of both?  Boudoir is all about making you feel and look great and boosting your confidence with the power of your own beauty.  If you can get over that first hurdle of fear and preconceived notion, it can be an incredible experience.  Once you let go and start really thinking about it, the possibilities are endless and you can take it wherever you want to go.

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