New Site for New Offerings

Welcome to our new blog devoted entirely to Beautiful Boudoir by Beautiful Memories.  We hope this site will encourage all of our beautiful brides, past, present and future, to consider the art of boudoir film for themselves.  Our goal is to create beautiful, artistic, fun and classy films while showing the world that boudoir is so much more than a few sassy photos and a film.  Boudoir is an experience!  It's fun!  It's liberating!  It's an incredible self-esteem boost!  It reminds each and every person that does it how absolutely beautiful they are (flaws and all)!

Video samples will be coming to the blog soon, but for now, I'll be posting a some teaser stills to give you an idea of what our films look like.  A great big thank you goes out to the very talented photographers who let me shoot alongside them to get the feel for shooting boudoir and, of course, all the lovely ladies who were all very brave and trusted me to film them tastefully.

Please check out the sites of these two very talented, super creative photographers:
Bolton-Reuter Photography
Surprise Photography

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