I'm Curious, but a Little Nervous

Are you curious or intrigued, but just a little nervous to try a boudoir session?  LOTS OF PEOPLE are getting their sexy on in front of the cameras and EVERYONE gets nervous or self conscious about it.  Yes, even beautiful Hollywood stars do.

Check out this video from Allure Magazine where five Hollywood actresses tell the naked truth about their sexy photo shoot.

We take a similar approach with our sessions.  We want the real you to shine through in your film and photographs to give you a real look at how beautiful you are.  As women, we often get so caught up in the dislikes we have about our bodies that we really need some reminders that go beyond those things we view as flaws.  When you see yourself through the eyes of a professional cinematographer and photographer, you will see a you that you may not have known existed or that you thought was long gone or forgotten.  What better way to capture and rejuvenate that sexy diva hidden within than with a steamy set of photos and a sexy little film? 

Our First Demo

Thank you to the brave and beautiful girls in this clip for allowing us to use your image online!

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Special Thank you to:
Photographer: Melissa Surprise, Surprise Photography
Hair and Make-up: Bella Luci Salon, Poughkeepsie, NY

Boudoir in the Media

Boudoir is more than a hot trend sweeping the media and blogosphere.  Boudoir is empowering!!

Here is a link to a segment that was featured on Good Morning America.


Though the segment was done as an idea for Valentine's Day gifts, boudoir can be done at anytime for any reason.  Boudoir is not just a gift for your significant other.  It's an empowering, self-esteem boosting experience for you!!  You don't need an excuse to do it.  Do it because every woman deserves to feel great about themselves and boudoir is one way to get there.

Why?  It's our job to make you look phenomenal.  We have the experience to find the most perfect and flattering angles for you, no matter your body type or flaws.  Every woman can look and feel amazing through boudoir.  Give it a try!

Be Playful

Boudoir is fun if you let it be.  I think most people want to do it, but are too scared of the idea of it.  When you think about running around in front of someone, who's not your significant other, in things that are meant for private, intimate moments, sure it's scary.  But if you look beyond the scary part to the ultimate goal, it's a lot easier to manage. 

At first, it may seem frightening to you.  You're out there and exposed in front of people you don't know very well in an outfit meant for the person you know the best.  Then we begin to ask you to do stuff, some of which will seem really silly and will definitely make you laugh a lot, mostly out of nerves, but once you get into the shoot and become more comfortable, you'll notice yourself starting to laugh because you're having fun.  Then you may even become a little more playful and start coming up with your own ideas.  That is when the true magic of a boudoir shoot is revealed.  In the end, you have a film that represents the strong and confident woman that you are (and it doesn't hurt that it's appealing to your other half either).

What to Wear

Your boudoir session can be whatever you want it to be and what dictates the look and feel of the shoot is what you're wearing.  A super cute outfit that reveals little can be just as hot (or hotter) than putting it all out there.  Ideally, we want to shoot a film that will entice, not give it all away.

So where do you look for inspiration for your boudoir wardrobe?  Lots of places.  First, think about what you want to accomplish with your film.  Who is it for?  Is it for your boyfriend, fiance, husband?  What does he like to see you in?  Is it for you?  What do you feel most confident and sexy in?  Do you want to create a fantasy? Are you going to play a role or be yourself?  Maybe a little of both?  Boudoir is all about making you feel and look great and boosting your confidence with the power of your own beauty.  If you can get over that first hurdle of fear and preconceived notion, it can be an incredible experience.  Once you let go and start really thinking about it, the possibilities are endless and you can take it wherever you want to go.

All the Details

Another quick sneak peek at some of the boudoir shoots we've been up to.

With our boudoir films, we focus a lot on the details.  Whether that is a subtle strap, cute shoes or a beautiful engagement ring, all the detail shots help to create anticipation and flow in your film.  It's kind of like opening a present.  If you open it child style, there's little surprise, but if you open it slow and pay attention to each move of the paper, there's more time to think about what might be waiting inside.

New Site for New Offerings

Welcome to our new blog devoted entirely to Beautiful Boudoir by Beautiful Memories.  We hope this site will encourage all of our beautiful brides, past, present and future, to consider the art of boudoir film for themselves.  Our goal is to create beautiful, artistic, fun and classy films while showing the world that boudoir is so much more than a few sassy photos and a film.  Boudoir is an experience!  It's fun!  It's liberating!  It's an incredible self-esteem boost!  It reminds each and every person that does it how absolutely beautiful they are (flaws and all)!

Video samples will be coming to the blog soon, but for now, I'll be posting a some teaser stills to give you an idea of what our films look like.  A great big thank you goes out to the very talented photographers who let me shoot alongside them to get the feel for shooting boudoir and, of course, all the lovely ladies who were all very brave and trusted me to film them tastefully.

Please check out the sites of these two very talented, super creative photographers:
Bolton-Reuter Photography
Surprise Photography